Get started with The IDC Agent

The IDC Agent is an SSI Cloud based agent, that is fully compatible with the SSI Hyperledger Aries Cloud Agent Python (ACA-Py).

The IDC Agent can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and operates as an always on, highly robust and scalable managed application. This removes all of the complexity associated with running a robust SSI agent, allowing developers to focus on building out their integrations and solutions.

The IDC Agent is the cornerstone of the Patented DPKIps security infrastructure. In order to leverage DPKIps entities are required to deploy an Enterprise Edition of the IDC Agent.

Download from Azure Marketplace Quick Install Steps

The IDC Agent - A Self-Sovereign Identity Agent

ID Crypt Global is committed to the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) ecosystem, and as such, each IDC Agent edition is fully compatible with the Hyperledger Aries Cloud Agent Python (ACA-Py). This compatibility ensures that all IDC Agents can be used as part of the wider SSI community and ecosystem built around ACA-Py.

An IDC Agent can be used to build out or utilise decentralized identity systems that use Verifiable Credentials (VC). It operates in the second and third layer of the Trust Over IP Framework using the DIDComm messaging protocol. Each agent edition is fully compatible with the Aries interop Profile 1.0 and 2.0 and supports protocols for issuing, verifying, and holding verifiable credentials using both Hyperledger Indy AnonCreds and W3C Standard Verifiable Credential formats.  Credential signatures supported include LD-Signatures and BBS+ Signatures. Each agent also supports protocols for defining VC schemas and VC definitions, though ID Crypt Global sponsorship services are required to utilise this capability – an additional service that be used on application.

Each IDC Agent Edition exposes a JSON based RESTful API that is fully compatible with the ACA-Py administrator API. API documentation is exposed via SWAGGER and contains examples of how to call the API, expected responses and models defined. Incoming events to the IDC Agent are exposed via a set of Webhooks. Each webhook carries event-based data, including a unique reference. A unique reference is passed so that the raw event data can be pulled directly from the IDC Agent – a recommended approach for sensitive information and for additional security protection.

The IDC Agent can be leveraged by any application built in any programming language that is able to consumer and utilise the exposed HTTPS API. This approach ensures business applications and developers can focus on their propositions/integrations and need not be required to learn/code low level aspects such as cryptography and Trust over IP type protocols

The IDC Agent Installation Guide

Select the right edition

There are 4 different IDC Agent editions available. For use as part of the Patented DPKIps security infrastructure, each entity must have installed an Enterprise Edition of the IDC Agent. The available editions are listed below.


The Community Edition is ideal for developers or businesses looking to get started on their journey with SSI. The Community Edition is an ultra-low-cost edition and can be used along with any ACA-Py demonstrations, get started guides, and examples.

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The Standard Edition is ideal for small businesses and developers who are a little more advanced in their SSI Journey. The Standard Edition presents a simple to use User Interface which allows Businesses to actively utilise their digital identity.

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The Business Edition is ideal for Businesses that are looking to leverage digital identity, either to gain better access to financial services products or to take greater control of their Supply Chain. This edition also supports the KYC Protocol and IDC Sustinability Credential.

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The Enterprise Edition is designed to meet the needs of a global spanning business. This edition also includes access to secure bi-lateral messaging, remote customer verification tools and the ability to leverage the patented DPKIps security infrastructure.

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