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Our APIs can be used for mission-critical systems. Use and build powerful identitiy solutions.

Leverage SSI

Our APIs simplify Self Sovereign Identitiy concepts and the identity BlockChain.

Real-time risk monitoring

Our APIs deliver real-time risk monitoring and you with a "Common Risk Profile".

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Our easy to use API will soon have you leveraging SSI, without any of the blockchain complexities.

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IDC Agent

Implement DPKIps security, or build your own powerful SSI solution using our Micosoft Azure based Cloud Agent.

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Monitor identitiy risk in real-time, move away from a "trust" model, move to "knowing" with ID Crypt Global SSI.

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Here at ID Crypt Global, we want to make digital identity and Self-Sovereign Identitiy as accessible as possible. Digital identitiy will secure our personal identity data, but also our financial transactions - helping combat fraud and many other aspects of Financial Crime. Our APIs, though extreamly powerful, are simple to use and will ensure you have your solutions up and running at lightning pace.

Use our APIs to integrate your solutions with digital identities, take advantage of our Compliance API and issued credentials to ensure you always know the risk profile of any identity. Use our IDC Agent to bring new levels of security to your organisation, become your very own issuer of verifiable credentials and become part of the global SSI digital identity fabric.

Work with ID Crypt Global to enrich your applications, your customer experiences and be part of the movement making the digital world we live in, a safer, trusted place...

POST /verify/auth-bio-proof

"CorrelationID": "16833741-33a0-437c-9c82-368bed96b7",
"FaceAuth": true,
"DefinitionID": "7d334e64-d0d3-4941-be6c-f59facf781d6"

Identity and security enables so many aspects of our business

"The IDC Agent brings digital identity to all RTGS.global Settlement Fabric participants, enabling us to not only identifiy and authenticate all participants, but also to deliver our Correspondent Banking 3.0 model. DPKIps allows us to raise the security standard for the worlds critical financial marktet infrastructure."
Nick Ogden

Founder, RTGS.global